Written Testimonials

Many of our patients have taken the time to write to us to share their experiences with us. We are pleased to hear how our laser therapy services have helped them and are happy to share these testimonials with you.

“As a first time user of Chiropractic and Laser services, I was frankly skeptical of what to expect. Without a doubt the results have been amazing. Within a few short visits, the combination of chiropractic and laser treatments put me back on my feet functioning and performing my daily tasks and giving me back my quality of life. Thank you to the team at Thiel Chiropractic.”

Hermann T., Kelowna, BC

“Best thing I ever did was get Laser treatment. First day of my first treatment, I had signs of improvement. I couldn’t believe it since I had no treatment for 20 years plus. After of a month of lasering, my numbness, headaches, and stiffness of movement have improved. We are well on a new path thanks to laser treatments and Dr. Markus Thiel and his staff. What a nice place to come to; they make you feel relaxed and peaceful.”

Finn M., Kelowna, BC

I came to Okanagan Laser Solutions a few months ago with extreme pain behind my shoulder blade. It was particularly bad when I lay down, making sleep almost impossible. After 3 or 4 treatments the pain diminished significantly. Now after several treatments, I am pain free! I am sleeping well for the first time in months. Dr Thiel and the staff are all very kind and positive. It is a comfortable environment. I am so grateful to all of them!.”

Susan G., Kelowna, BC

“I sprained my neck. I tried so many different forms of therapy: physio, hydro, massage, and acupuncture – all of which made the pain worse. So I sat at home taking prescription pain pills and muscle relaxants with high hopes of my neck sorting itself out. Well, 6 months later, I was forced to go back to work with my neck no better than the day the injury took place. Almost 2 years later I was certain that I would never be pain-free in my life, and that I may possibly never work again.

Being a nurse, I was skeptical of laser therapy, mostly because of my medical training and education, but also because it was never offered to me by any doctor as a form of therapy and because I had never heard of it before my fiancé had it done to his shoulder. I decided I would give it a try, especially after seeing the results that my fiancé had; there was no harm in trying it out.

I am more than happy to report I am pain free, and have been for 5 months post therapy. I have full range of motion. I have never been more of a spokesperson for anything in my life. I have told everyone I know and every co-worker I have about laser therapy and how it changed my life and healed my injury, especially since I have many years left in my career.

Thank-you so much to Dr. Thiel and his professional and amazing staff for helping me get back my life!”

Jasmine G., Kelowna, BC

“I play hockey with Okanagan Rockets based out of Capital News Centre. Throughout the last month or two I’ve had quite intense pain in my wrists and nothing I did helped or fixed it. I showed up here to a super friendly and welcoming staff that made the experience a lot easier. Dr. Thiel talked me through the process and how it all really works, then Sophia took over and worked her magic. At first I didn’t notice the improvement, but after my second or third session, my pain had dropped drastically. It has just been improving since.”

Kailus G., Kelowna BC

“I had extreme pain in both knees due to foot problems and came to see Dr. Thiel and he recommended laser. I now can walk without pain and stand on my feet for hours no problem. I am so happy this was a real miracle for me thanks so much!”

Arlyn B., Kelowna, BC

“Laser therapy has sped up my knee recovery exponentially. I incurred an ACL and meniscus injury while playing beach volleyball. I work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer so taking time off wasn’t an option. My active lifestyle caused the injury to not only prevent recovery but actually worsen the condition. I was referred to Laser therapy by a client. After my first couple of treatments, I found my knee’s stability to be increasing and the pain reducing. With continued treatments, I have felt drastic increases in stability, strength and range of motion. I would recommend Laser to everyone suffering from injury, pain or joint discomfort. The staff at Thiel Chiropractic has been exceptional with their help, advice, knowledge and customer service. Thank you! I’ll be back next time I have an injury.

Chris L., Kelowna, BC

“After receiving seven laser treatments for carpal tunnel problems, I experienced dramatic improvement in mobility and pain reduction

Arthur P., Kelowna, BC

“I came in because of chronic sciatica back/hamstring pain aggravated by a bike fall. I had a rotated pelvis and hamstring injury (along with a broken scaphoid and ribs). Dr. Thiel quickly got the back straightened out. I had less pain after my first visit. The hamstring took eight visits with laser. I had noticeable improvement after the first visit and two visits after I was about 95% better. I am now doing everything except full out running! I recommend laser.”

Lorraine L., Kelowna, BC

“I was having pain in my knee and major swelling. I received laser therapy on my knee and the pain and swelling went away with 4 treatments. I would recommend laser therapy to anyone that needs relief.”

Ken B., Kelowna, BC

“When this therapy was first suggested to me concerning a very bad sprain to my right ankle, I was very skeptical this could help speed up my healing process. But as the need to be mobile was paramount, I agreed to this action.

What confirmed it was the right action to take, my thoughts recalled the race horse with the broken bone and existing plans to ‘put it down’. A doctor bought the horse, applied laser therapy, the bone in the leg of the horse healed and it took first place in its first race.

Not that I am comparing myself to a horse, but this was inspiring, and after a ‘pep’ talk, I agreed to take this route.

I was not disappointed, as the care and expertise of the staff at Thiel Chiropractic was exceptional, and I will be eternally grateful such was available to me.”

Joan M., Kelowna, BC

“My name is John and I am an active person to say the least.

A Tennis Pro (OK-Mission Tennis Club, Kelowna Parks & Rec. & Global Fitness)

Local Musician (‘Johnny vs Johnny’ duo and solo performances)

Physical Education Teacher and Music Specialist in the public school system teaching guitar, orff, ukulele, recorder, choir and band.

With all the wear and tear it is no wonder I suffered from ‘Tennis Elbow’ until I went to Okanagan Laser Solutions and met Dr. Thiel. For my condition, the Dr. recommended laser therapy and set up a series of appointments with his caring and knowledgeable staff to alleviate the pain. Here is my testimonial:

Seriously, my arm hasn’t felt this good in years, yeah! It only took a few sessions to start feeling the improvements and after a few weeks, the pain was gone. The sooner you try laser therapy…the better. Thanks again Dr. Thiel!”

Johnny V., Kelowna, BC

“The difference is amazing! I dropped my left knee on concrete with a lot of force (I was running). It was swollen, black, blue, green and yellow. After 17 years of Martial Arts I knew this was a long-term injury…boy was I wrong! I expected 4-5 months before recovery and it only took 6 weeks. I have full flexibility and power back with no pain inflicted. Thank-you for this service, Markus.”

Kevin G., Kelowna, BC

“I had an injury to my knee that seemed to never improve despite my efforts to rest it. It was only after I sought out laser treatment at Dr. Thiel’s office that I began to see relief. With a short course of treatment I was amazed at my recovery. I am now able to continue with my very active lifestyle. Thank-you Dr. Thiel for your wonderful care and knowledgeable team! I will continue to refer my friends and family with confidence.”

Wendy D., Kelowna, BC

“I recently tore my hamstring snowmobiling. I started laser therapy and had 3 sessions. I went snowmobiling again (too early) and tore it again. After 3 more sessions, I am very happy with the results. Bruising is gone as well as the pain. I am very impressed with how fast the recovery has been and the fact that I did not have to have surgery.”

Wade B., Kelowna, BC

“Due to the pain in my lower back from a herniated disc I had to reduce my hours at work. This injury happened over a year ago and I was finding it hard to stand and function everyday due to the pain and stiffness in my lower back. I couldn’t walk any major distance or I would need to sit or lay flat. The pain was so bad at times that I didn’t think it could get worse. I needed to take medication daily to make it through. My chiropractor told me about laser therapy and recommended it to relieve my pain when physio and WCB rehabilitation therapy did not work. I was amazed that just after a few treatments I was starting to feel a bit better. It was not long after I was able to stop taking medication for the pain. By the time I was nearing the recommended amount of treatments I was starting to function daily well and get back to my regular activities without any pain.”

Bob M., Kelowna, BC

“I went to Okanagan Laser Solutions, not completely convinced that the treatments would work for me. Sometime during the first seven treatments, the sciatica pain down my left leg disappeared, along with the pain in the lumbar region of my lower back. For the first time in twenty odd years, I was pain free! All that remained was a bruised feeling for a bit in my low back that I treated with ice packs. I have completed fourteen sessions up to date and I feel great! Dr.Thiel and the staff at Okanagan Laser Solutions are the most professional people that I have come across in all the years that I have been taking treatments. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in pain that I meet.”

Hugh M., Kelowna, BC

“Before coming into the clinic I experienced severe pain/tightness in the fascia of my anterior compartment (compartment syndrome). I had tried numerous types of treatments but after 7 laser treatments I am free from pain and almost at a full recovery.”

Gloria S., Kelowna, BC

” laser treatment has brought a new lease on life- more energy, movement, sleep, and a renewal of activities long forgotten. But the best part of all is there is no pain.”

Sharon F., Educator, Kelowna, BC

“Since starting with the laser (Bioflex), I have had some outstanding results in being able to get our athletes back to the game and practice. I have no hesitations to give this unit my full endorsement.”

Chuck Mooney, Head Trainer, Toronto Raptors

“The laser exceeded all my expectations. Great job, I highly recommend it for anyone.”

Gene B., Kelowna, BC

“I loved it. I didn’t think it would work so quickly and I could go about my day the same. There were no side effects. I could close my hand and grab things again!”

Bruce R., Kelowna, BC

“I had tremendous results with the laser! The staff is excellent and have made this healing process enjoyable.”

Mike F., Kelowna, BC

“Wow – from pain that made my life and golfing no fun at all to NO PAIN and having fun again. Laser light worked so well for healing my hip. Thanks to the Thiel Chiropractic team.”

Patti C,. Kelowna, BC

“After a bad fall I developed bursitis in both hips a year later. I was unable to go up the stairs without the use of the bannister and walking was becoming almost impossible. I was unable to lie on my sides to sleep due to the terrible pain. After ruling out arthritis, my doctor recommended physiotherapy and topical cream but the pain remained. Bursitis was on the list. It was not really until after the 11th treatment that I noticed I could walk stairs and could do some walking again. The pain also started to ease somewhat. By the time my last appointment came around I could also lay on my side again to sleep without waking due to pain. The laser treatment obviously was beneficial in healing my bursitis.”

Corry, Kelowna, BC

“Due to sports injuries, I have had knee pain for some time. I have had cartilage repair twice and my condition was getting progressively worse. I tried cortisone shots but they would only work for a short period of time. In 2007 I read about the laser therapy and decided to attend one of the seminars to obtain more information. Upon doing so I scheduled myself for the treatments. After three treatments I had noticed quite an improvement, however, I continued through the whole program. Upon completion, I was able to resume all my previous activities. In March 2009, I reinjured my knee. After several treatments, my knee is on the mend again. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who has suffered with knee pain.”

Liz, Kelowna, BC

Laser therapy was part of my treatments for Shingles. The pain had just started, approximately 5 days after I saw the bumps. I did NOT do the prescription. After the first laser session the pain reduced by 70%. After the second session, the pain was gone. I would say that this helped my shingles to be over after barely 3 weeks and I can’t complain at all about the symptoms. Many people have had it worse. Thank-you to the team at Thiel Chiropractic for offering this important service! I highly recommend this!

Lisa A., Kelowna, BC

In October, 2012, I injured my neck severely. I also had severe whiplash in my younger years as a gymnast with all my fast moving acrobatics. I was diagnosed by another doctor who said I would need surgery. Meanwhile, I went to physiotherapy and did acupuncture, traction, massage, and ultrasound to relieve pain. None of these worked, including prescription medication.

I thought I’d try Okanagan Laser Solutions. Dr. Thiel said “Yes, we can fix this!” I was so skeptical, but why not!

6 months later I am still pain free and I’m amazed and thankful. I’m healed! I’ve been recommending this treatment to all my friends that are in pain and feel there’s no other alternative but surgery. I fully trust Dr. Thiel’s judgment with my whole heart now and my family and friends. Thanks so much Dr. Thiel, you’re a “life-saver”. Otherwise I’d have a great big scar on my neck from unnecessary surgery.

Cathy S., West Kelowna, BC