Frozen Shoulder

Whether playing a sport, lifting boxes, or pushing a snow shovel, you rely heavily on your shoulders to perform many of your daily activities.

When you suffer from

  • A rotator cuff injury
  • A frozen shoulder
  • A shoulder fracture or other falling injury
  • A strain or over-use
  • Tendonitis
  • Other conditions or injuries

…the activities of your daily routine can be greatly affected. Lifting your arm and reaching overhead or behind your back can become very difficult or you may even be unable to do it at all.

How Laser Therapy Can Help

By removing the build-up of scar tissue, improving blood circulation to the affected area, and increasing cellular energy, laser therapy can heal the underlying problem by treating the injury at its most basic and cellular level.

As a positive side effect of laser therapy treatments, you will see improvements in your range of motion, flexibility, and reduced pain in your shoulder. Reaching, twisting, and lifting your arm will no longer be restricted and the pain or discomfort will quickly become your past and not your future.