Chiropractic Therapy

Thiel Chiropractic is the only practice in British Columbia that utilizes this outstanding innovation.

What is Gamma PEMF Therapy? Gamma Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is an innovative therapy used to directly interact with the electrical energy within our cells. Think of our cells as having battery packs and the Gamma PEMF Therapy helps charge the battery within our cells. This form of therapy allows our bodies to operate most optimally for everyday function and overall wellness.

Benefits of Gamma PEMF

-Stronger bones
-Increases endorphins for pain relief
-Better quality of sleep and human growth hormone (HGH) secretion
-More available ATP for energy expenditure
-Improved oxygenation and blood circulation
-Improved immune system function
-Nerve and tissue regeneration

Understanding the Science Behind Gamma PEMF

Believe it or not, our bodies have an abundance of electrical energy flowing through it.  Within every cell in our body, there is an electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by each one.
This EMF allows our cells to communicate and interact with one another, forming a relationship to help our body function synergistically.
Throughout life on a day-to-day basis, our body tends to have it’s EMF disrupted by trauma and health-related conditions. This results in a change in the natural current of our body’s EMF. The body’s natural resting energy level is -70mb. When exposed to trauma and possible health complications of everyday life, the resting energy level tends to drop which leaves the body performing non-optimally.
Gamma PEMF operates at a specific frequency range to aid the return to the natural resting energy level of -70mv. There are 3 modes of healing and therapeutic treatments with the Gamma PEMF effects on the body.
1) Shealy Sweep – Operating between 5.83Hz to 56.6Hz which activates the cells to promote an improved healing response.
2) Gamma Sweep – Operating between 38Hz to 54Hz which helps boost cognitive function and improve mood.
3) Delta Sweep – Operating between 1Hz to 3Hz which helps promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep.
These 3 settings of treatment allow us to not only treat a variety of injuries and health-related conditions but also improve already existing health qualities.