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Sharon F. - Educator
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"Laser treatment has brought a new lease on life- more energy, movement, sleep, and a renewal of activities long forgotten. But the best part of all is there is no pain."


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Director, Laser Therapeutics of Southern Arizona - Tucson, Arizona
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"There is no other system in the world that is comparable or gets such outstanding results."

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Okanagan Laser Solutions


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Thiel Chiropractic & Okanagan Laser Solutions is located in the heart of Central Okanagan in Kelowna, BC.

Our clinic offers a multitude of services and products to best meet our patient’s needs. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive care to all of our patients.

How to Begin:

It all starts with a consultation. Booking a consultation allows Dr. Thiel to do thorough assessments based on your chief complaints. The results of the assessments will determine your course of care which may include laser therapy, chiropractic, or a referral to an alternative health care professional. The button below will take you to the next step in booking your consultation with Dr. Thiel.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is the use of low intensity lasers to treat soft-tissue injuries and degenerative conditions.

Chiropractic Therapy

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach including chiropractic, massage therapy, laser therapy, and custom orthotics for the most comprehensive care for each of our patients.

Gamma PEMF Therapy

Gamma Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a form of energy medicine used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and neurological disorders.

Okanagan Laser Solutions Google Reviews

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Brenda H.

"I had a great experience with Matt. I had gone in because of a bad ankle sprain months earlier and Matt was able to bring my ankle back to good spot where I no longer had ankle pain or discomfort. Thanks Matt.

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Kacee C.

"I am a competitive gymnast and I recently had an mcl/meniscus injury which I was afraid would cut my gymnastics season short. I had 2 important competitions coming up and I wasn't sure if competing would even be an option, but my coaches recommended Dr. Thiel and his team and I was able to get in the next day. Dr. Thiel and Matt Aschenbrenner's laser treatments really sped up the healing process and I was able to get back on track with my training and even qualify to compete for team BC at the Western Canadian Championships."

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Rob S.

"I consulted with OLS regarding extreme pain in my shoulder blade. After a very thorough evaluation Laser Treatment was the recommended course of action. I saw improvement after a couple of treatments, and full recovery after seven weeks. The entire staff is first rate and I sincerely appreciate the great results."

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Christina R.

"Dr. Thiels concussion therapy is life changing. If you are struggling from a concussion or curious if that one you had years ago may be affecting you, I highly recommended Okanagan Laser Solutions. Dr. Thiel & his team are great & you’ll be more than taken care of."

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Wayne Y.

"Highly recommend the laser treatment for an injury. Dr Thiel and Matt set me up with a laser treatment plan to rehab a hand injury. After 6 weeks in a splint I was worried about a long rehab process, being able to get back to hitting a golf ball, and the possibility of long term discomfort. To my surprise (and joy) after a few weeks of treatment I had 100% mobility and was pain free. I truly believe that the laser treatment, combined with some range of motion exercises, was a great formula. It just seemed to speed up the process. And my favorite part of the laser treatments is that they are totally passive - just lay back and have a nap while it's working!"

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Darlene R.

"I did something to my knee. I couldn’t kneel on it or turn it sideways. Hard to articulate exactly what the pain was. I was recommended for laser therapy. I was sceptical at first , a light you can’t see or feel on my knee but it’s back to normal there’s no more pain! Very thankful."

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Okanagan Laser Solutions is the official clinic for the local baseball organization, COMBA (Central Okanagan Minor Baseball Association). Our goal is to provide medical care to all our members and help them pursue their sport injury-free. All COMBA members have access to all our facilities, which include X-rays, Laser Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT), Sports Therapy, Kinesiology, and Chiropractic care.


Dr. Markus Thiel


As a Kelowna Chiropractor, Dr. Markus Thiel has been serving Kelowna and the Okanagan community since 2001. Dr. Thiel creates individualized treatment plans that are specific to the needs of each of our patients, working to isolate the source of their pain not only to heal their injuries, but also to prevent future injuries and pain from occurring.

Prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Thiel practiced at Vancouver General Hospital Health Sciences Centre, the provincial trauma centre for British Columbia, as an attending Respiratory Therapist. His coverage included the ER, trauma units, and the various ICU’s including spinal, cardiac, burn, and neurological units.

As the head of Okanagan Laser Solutions, Dr. Markus Thiel provides a service that few other offices in the Okanagan offer. Low Intensity Laser Therapy has the ability to treat a variety of muscle and connective tissue injuries and degenerative conditions. This form of therapy is both painless and non-invasive, and it promotes healing with lasting pain relief.

What We Do

Our clinic offers the best form of care using Bioflex’s Laser Therapy system. The Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy system will speed up your recovery time, reduce your pain, decrease inflammation, and even improve your range of motion. Laser Therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment, so there is no discomfort or pain caused by the treatment.

What to Expect Your First Visit

Your first visit to our office include a consultation, during which a chiropractic assistant will first record a comprehensive health history. This is followed by performing a digital posture analysis and surface EMG (electromyography) which provides information on how your postural muscles are working in correlation to your spine. This can give an indication of any underlying problems. A digital postural exam is also performed.

Once all the information is gathered, Dr. Thiel will perform a thorough chiropractic evaluation. All information gathered during this time will be used by your Doctor of Chiropractic to accurately determine your course of care. We have full x-ray facilities if an X-ray is appropriate to complete your exam.

After your exam, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with Dr. Thiel where he will go over his findings with you and discuss the treatment plan he has created. He will give you some options and you will tell him what to do with respect to your future care.

Video Testimonials

Want more information?

Read our informative articles, written by our very own Dr. Markus Thiel.

What our clients are saying

“The laser treatment has brought a new lease on life – more energy, movement, sleep, and a renewal of activities long forgotten. But the best part of all is there is no pain.” – Sharon F., Educator, Kelowna, BC.